Stretching Equipment

Need to increase the flexibilty in your hamstrings, inner thigh and groin muscles? Then we have the martial arts leg stretcher for you. Our leg stretchers can help increase your flexibilty so you can kick higher and move with less tightness in your legs. Get the maximum stretch within a minumum of time with our leg stretching machines.

We carry 4 different types to maintain and increase your flexibility. The first one is the Royal leg stretcher for adults. Designed for larger adults and made of a worm gear system that maintains the angle without losing its position. The second one is the kids leg stretcher. This one is perfect for younger students under 4 foor 5 inches. We are one of the few stores to carry leg stretchers for kids. The third stretcher is the steel leg stretcher. This is a portable leg stretcher and an economical way to increase your flexibility. Our fourth leg stretcher machine is the leg pulley. This is a fun way to stretch out your legs, of course be sure you have great balance and is not meant for the novice athlete.

Get the flexibility you need with our equipment to achieve the goals you want.